We wanted to highlight one of our new vision counselors at Edmond vision counseling. His name is Shawn McGuire. Shawn and his wife Tanda are the founders of new vision counseling. They are also the reason why we are expanding into Edmond Christian counseling. We want to offer you the experience to experience Oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed Christian counseling practice.  Let me tell you a little bit about Sean. He has been a licensed
Marriage is hard. When you get into marriage you realize that you don’t just have yourself to think about. Every decision you make affects the life of your spouse. You were also given the responsibility to meet the needs of your spouse. How do you know what are the needs of your spouse? This is a question that many people don’t even get to Best Marriage Therapist Oklahoma City. They get frustrated and get into
Five Signs that You May Need a “Forced Restart” Summer Smith, LCSW We all understand the term “Forced Restart”, because most of us have to engage this function on all of our precious electronics at least once a week! However, did you ever consider that you, yourself, might occasionally (or frequently) need this action as well? Let’s continue with the technology analogy and explore five reasons that your iPhone and your self might need an
My wife and I recently spoke about the difficulties of pervasive thoughts. Currently she is pregnant and many thoughts of anxiety in nature have caused her to doubt what she knows to be true. However, there are times when we have received a negative report that seems to validate the fear that allows anxiety to come in. If you are anything like me, you are longing to have freedom from pervasive thoughts and best way
By Katie MacDougall, LPC We’ve all been there.  It’s that argument again.  You know the one: the one we’ve had one hundred different times.  You could recite their points from memory and they can recite your points right back.  The argument is never resolved, only closed until it rears its head for the next round marriage counselor edmond. So how do we stop that argument? Second Corinthians 3:17 says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit,
Two Tools to Use to Relax Quickly By Katie MacDougall, LPC The cool breeze of the ocean woke me up from dozing off with a book on my chest and a mix of sand and sunscreen on my skin.  The sounds of waves gently crashing against the shore, seagulls chirping, and my friend eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich felt like soul balm as I soaked in our last day at the beach.  Relaxing,
Working with people in therapy, whether they present with anxiety or PTSD or depression or marital conflict, I find that they all have one thing in common: Fear. I don’t just see this in clients either – I see it in everyone even in Christian counseling Edmond! I see it in myself! It seems that if you dig deep enough into any manifestation of stress or discomfort, you’ll find fear. This is so unfortunate, because
I pulled into the brick gate and stopped at the guard shack, palm trees on either side and air-conditioning blasting.  Worries raced through my mind and I found myself asking, “was this a mistake?” The answer on that hot summer day was a resounding, “no,” but the overwhelming feeling of moving over 700 miles from my home spoke loudly into my anxious heart that day.   We’ve all been through big transitions.  For me, moving
This month we are focusing on the concept of our need to relax. I know what your thinking, “Relax?! Who has time to relax?” And I agree that it seems as if relaxation is almost a lost art in our current culture constantly touting the benefits of “crushing it.” You don’t see many books on “100 Ways to Relax” making it on the NYT bestseller list. Nobody that comes to Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling seems
Have you planned for an empty nest? It might be smart to start thinking about it. If you have already launched your children out of the nest, how’s your marriage? When I meet with empty-nesters in my practice, I ask about how they are making it through the transition. For years life and schedules and attention has been focused on the children. Some couples manage to pay good attention to their marriage and to each
Self-care is a buzz word in the mental health community, and it is being used more and more. With our ever-increasing busy lives, we often neglect the need to care for ourselves. Although self-care is crucial to our wellbeing, it is undervalued in our society. When we want to unwind, we often sit and veg out in front of the TV, binge watching our favorite show, or mindlessly scrolling on our phones so that we
For many, summer brings transition. This transition can be a welcomed break from busy routines, but for others, summer time can bring a move. Some may look forward to moving, while others may be dreading it. The thought of leaving behind the friends and family you love can be devastating. Sometimes we don’t realize how deep our roots run until it is time to pick up and move. Finding a new church home, community group,
Yesterday evening, as I was returning home from a trip to the grocery store, I noticed that the plants on my porch appeared wilted and sagging.  I thought to myself, “I just watered those yesterday”, but then I noticed the hot sun beaming down on them and realized they needed another drink in order to thrive again.  I watered them, and within hours they perked right back up. This was a nice reminder that we
Walking through the halls of a church a few years ago I saw a poster for a class and in big letters it said, “It’s Complicated” and then in smaller letters, “A class on relationships.” This struck me because while I know relationships are complicated, I wondered how much we complicate them unnecessarily. As a Marriage and Family Therapist I see daily how complicated relationships can be, but I also see how complicated we can
By Misty Tafao We all struggle with negative thoughts. However, it is what we do with those thoughts that matter. It becomes a problem when we allow ourselves to maintain negative thoughts. When we are constantly thinking negatively, it can impact our mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as have impacts on other areas of life. If you struggle with depression and/or anxiety, your negative thoughts feed them and create a greater manifestation of
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV) Do you ever find yourself getting up in the morning and feeling like it is just another day? Same bed, same shower, same thoughts, same job, same clothes… It’s easy to get stuck on autopilot where the date changes, but nothing else really seems to change. It’s almost as if you
Vows with Power: Adding Commitments to Your Marriage After the New Wears Off By: Summer Smith, LCSW March 18th, 2018 was one of the most special days of my life. I stood in a beautiful chapel, in front of my family and friends, and exchanged vows with the man of my dreams. The week before, I took my time and wrote a paragraph full of meaningful promises that I felt were most important in the

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