Counselor Highlights | Edmond Christian Counseling 

Counselor Highlights | Edmond Christian Counseling 

We wanted to highlight one of our new vision counselors at Edmond vision counseling. His name is Shawn McGuire. Shawn and his wife Tanda are the founders of new vision counseling. They are also the reason why we are expanding into Edmond Christian counseling. We want to offer you the experience to experience Oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed Christian counseling practice. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Sean. He has been a licensed counselor for over 25 years. That means for over 25 years he has been helping people navigate some of the most treacherous and painful seasons of their life. He has seen couples who were on their way to divorce and by the time he was done counseling them they were renewing their valves. He has helped both men and women through overwhelming anxiety. He has helped people bring peace and joy back to their life. He has done premarital counseling for couples who are now have been married for over 20 years. So your question might be can John help you? The answer is yes. One thing that he loves working on people with it is their self-esteem. He helps people get to know the real them and become the best version of themselves. Sean gets to know that you need to you. His therapy and the therapy of his counselors are not a one size fits all kind of thing. Sean and a great prayer into his therapy because he knows that we must rely on the Holy Spirit to bring us further understanding. This allows him to have unique counseling that I’ve sent a part in Edmond Christian counseling. From your very first session with Sean he will be placed in a position to work through the issues that you are facing. This is a place where God uses Sean to help change your life and your relationships. You also have to put in some work. But if you are motivated and ready for something different and something better Shaun is the therapist for you.

Sean has been a licensed professional counselor and has served the Metro area for over 25 years now. He received his bachelor’s degree in Florida from Flagler College. He then went on to receive two masters degrees from the University of oral Roberts in Tulsa Oklahoma. One of his masters degree was in family therapy and one was in Edmond Christian counseling. Sean’s must’ve specializes in areas such as marriage counseling parental support obsessive compulsive disorder anxiety disorders and many more. All of the techniques that Sean uses he filters them through a Christian worldview. Shawn also has experience counseling business leaders. He and I agree it’s life coaching and counseling to help these leaders climb to new heights. Sean is the most passionate about his clients. He loves equipping people with tools and resources to help build their dream life. Sean also is very passionate about his family. When he’s not in the office he loves spending time with them and doing various different outdoor activities.

Another one of our fantastic counselors at New Vision Counseling in Edmond Christian counseling is Caleb Mckean. Caleb is a licensed professional counselor and attended Denver seminary where he received a master of arts and clinical mental health. Caleb met his wife in his masters program and they have been married for over 10 years now. Caleb is passionate about helping people who are looking to have a better life and create a more meaningful relationships. Caleb is passionate about helping people find lasting change that transforms our life.

One awesome thing about Caleb is that he provides many different activities to help his clients get past what they are facing at Edmond Christian Counseling. By this I mean that he doesn’t just sit on the couch and listen to them pour out their stories. Caleb John sent to their stories with them and figures out new ways to keep developing and pushing them to become better. Earlier last week I heard very loud noises coming from Caleb’s office. These noises sound like somebody punching a wall or a punching bag. I also heard quiet excitement and some laughter. I was very confused by the sounds. Later on I realized that Kayla boy is having his clients pop balloons. Tess explained the lies. Once I realize that I thought it was really awesome that Caleb was doing different and new things with his clients. I just goes to show you that the therapist at new vision counseling are not the kind of therapist who are going to sit in a chair across from you on the couch and watch July fall apart. There is no way! They are ready to do whatever it takes to help you work through your situation and meet your goals. In the situations that guy also has to be willing to take the necessary steps to be calm her they want to become.

 So why not take a leap of faith to join us in Edmond Christian counseling today? If you already call and book an appointment with us and would be happy to help you get set up with one of her therapists. Want to do this your life will change. So don’t wait for a sign. This is your sign. Don’t wait until your life is in shambles. However, if your life is in shambles we want to help you now. We will get you in as soon as we can and get you started on the path to a better life. Sean and Caleb are just two examples of our amazing therapist here At new vision counseling. If you want to get to know some of the rest of our team go to our website and click meet our team. We cannot wait to begin serving you at admin Christian counseling area and nutrition counseling.