Defining Boundaries: What You Should Know

Defining Boundaries: What You Should Know


I prefer to think of borders as being similar to the fence you build around your property line to keep your house safe. Your personal space and the space of your neighbors are separated by this fence. I immediately understand that I shouldn’t cross a fence without permission when I see one. However, both literally and figuratively speaking, not everyone gets the memo. Consider your own boundaries as a safeguard against other people. We keep some people at a distance while allowing others to approach us. Many people are unaware of their own personal limits, which makes them unaware that they are allowing others to walk on their metaphorical grass. This message is for you if you find it difficult to uphold sensible boundaries.


Setting appropriate boundaries with the people in our lives is our responsibility. Some people are unaware of this or were never taught how crucial it is for emotional health. A person with uneven boundaries would frequently take on other people’s emotional burdens, develop animosity toward other people for breaching limits that weren’t clearly defined, or feel powerless over their lives. One of the most prevalent types of boundary-breaking is the tendency to please others. You might have had overbearing parents as a child, or you might have felt the need to earn love. The outcome? unhealthy limits and the idea that we must perform chores in order to obtain affection.


A healthy and successful lifestyle depends on practicing self-care. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had moments where you put other people before yourself. This brings to mind the common airplane oxygen mask metaphor. In an emergency, adults are encouraged to put on their oxygen masks before assisting their children. Understand why? Before saving yourself, you must first save the others. The fact that you cannot pour from an empty glass is another powerful metaphor. This indicates that before you can give to others, you must give to yourself. Feeling stretched thin, overwhelmed, and worn out? These are all signs that you are finding it difficult to set appropriate limits with others around you.


When you set up appropriate boundaries with individuals around you, you will be astounded by how good you feel. The relationships that matter to us most need to be safeguarded. They could become upset when we initially decide to create boundaries with someone we love. I am aware that this is difficult, but it is essential for your wellbeing. Consider the opposition of others as confirmation that you have established good boundaries. Although it does take work, this is an excellent method to break the habit of putting others before yourself. Here are some guidelines for creating sound boundaries. Keep in mind that you must safeguard your emotional “grass!”

A clear standard that others know they must abide by if they wish to have a relationship with you is provided when you are proactive in boundary setting.

Restoring relational boundaries is more challenging because you have to teach other people how to treat you again. It could be difficult for them to perceive you and treat you differently when you have been that way for so long. It doesn’t have to be scary, but this may be! It usually indicates that you are making progress in defending your energy and wellbeing when others become unhappy while you are going through this process. And those that respect you and your relationship and are in good health will adapt to your new boundaries.
Put your needs first: You are better equipped to love yourself and those around you by keeping a balance between doing good things and taking care of yourself. We develop resentment towards other people when we let them physically or psychologically enter our personal space. This is a negative emotion that lowers the value of your relationships.

Be Intentional with Your Time: Productivity depends on us setting appropriate boundaries with the people and things we spend our time with. Keep in mind that you are not expected to pick up other people’s slack!

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Building and maintaining boundaries can be difficult, but once you do, you’ll have more time to live the life you desire! I have been in relationships—both romantic and familial—without good boundaries, and I experienced exhaustion and emptiness as a result. God did not design for us to live like this! Even Jesus had rules for his followers and the individuals he cared about. How would Jesus have performed miracles if he had spent all of his time trying to please other people? He most likely wouldn’t have, is the answer. You are not the only one who struggles to find time for your wonders. When you are having issues with respect, self-worth, or boundaries, it is advisable to get assistance, especially if you have never done so before. We at New Vision Counseling and Consulting want to help you create the life you’ve always wanted.

We have a highly skilled group of therapists who can help you create a plan for becoming better. Because we are aware of how challenging life may be, we have some straightforward suggestions and counsel for you. It is common to feel as though your current situation is blinding you. Let us evaluate the areas of your life that require change in a fair and compassionate manner. We take great pride in offering a safe workplace filled with compassion and empathy. Call us when you get a chance; we’re waiting and want to talk to you soon. Contact us by dialing 405-921-7776.