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When you counsel with New Vision, we don’t just sit on the couch and listen to your problems. We jump into your story and walk with you! You’ll be given the guidance and tools to create the life you have always longed for.

Counseling with Shawn Maguire changed my life in the best way. Every good thing in my life has come through Shawn in some way. God rescued me and saved my life through counseling. The entire trajectory of my life has changed because of God and Shawn Maguire, and I do not have words to express my gratitude for these changes. Shawn challenged me in the ways that I need to be challenged, and I learned that I was much braver than I thought. I definitely recommend going to counseling!!!!

   – Cooper S.

If you want real and lasting change then go to New Vision Counseling. They were there for us at a time when we were desperate and needed loving guidance. God has used them to bring incredible healing and restoration to our family that felt almost impossible to obtain when we started. Because of them our marriage and our family will be forever different. 

   – Houston S.

I will forever be grateful for the role that Shawn played during a challenging season of our marriage. His approach begins and ends with the power of prayer. He will challenge, inspire, equip and lead you forward. Counseling is not a job for Shawn, it’s a true gift and passionate calling on his life to help others by pointing to Jesus.

   – Kayla S.