How to Relax in 24/7 Culture of Performance

How to Relax in 24/7 Culture of Performance

This month we are focusing on the concept of our need to relax. I know what your thinking, “Relax?! Who has time to relax?” And I agree that it seems as if relaxation is almost a lost art in our current culture constantly touting the benefits of “crushing it.” You don’t see many books on “100 Ways to Relax” making it on the NYT bestseller list. Nobody that comes to Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling seems to be looking for improved methods on how to slow down, get more rest, and smell the proverbial roses.


Currently I’m sitting in one of America’s most frequented places to hang out and relax, a coffee shop. Why are they so popular? Could it be because we have discovered a legal stimulate that enables us to get even more hyped, further fuel our ambitions, and get more done in Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling?

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong in Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling with hacking your life so you can run if more efficiently and effectively. By all means, go ahead and create great systems, meal prep on Sundays, and use more “Grit” to maximize your efforts and accomplish more.

There is certainly nothing wrong with setting goals, working hard, and feeling good about what we have achieved. But here is the thing that I think we need to consider Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling, in all our doing, how well are we relating… both to God and to others.

As Christians, I believe we are to live our lives, first and foremost relationally focused. God has called us first to be his child and a part of His family in Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling and around the world. Remember the first words recorded in Scripture by the Father to Jesus? “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.” Why was the Father pleased with Jesus? Was it because of all the miracles He had performed? Nope, He hadn’t performed any yet. Was it because He was “killing it” in the ministry? No, His public ministry had not yet begun. Here’s the point, God the Father was not pleased by Jesus’ 80 hour work week, His peak performance, or his hustle. God was pleased with Jesus simply because he was His son.   Just as I am pleased with my children simply because they belong to me. (And I think it could easily be argued that no one accomplished more in shorter amount of time than Jesus.)  Would you like to start Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling

My point? If we want to relax and still see great results in our lives, I believe the key is understanding the value God puts on relationships in Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling.  Jesus’ life and ministry modeled this. Scripture leaves us clues to the value Jesus placed on His relationships with His Father and His followers, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off…to pray [to His father]” Mark 1:35. “Jesus withdrew His disciples to the lake…” Mark 3:7. Simply put, Jesus prioritized relationship over revenue, people over performance, and quality connections over quality control.

Knowing this is God’s method to living a fruitful life, it is no coincidence science has recently discovered that when we are relating to others-when we feel connected and bonded in relationships- our body releases the powerful hormone, oxytocin in Oklahoma City Marriage Counseling. One such review into the research of this potent chemical found that “..oxytocin reduces the body’s stress and anxiety…and contributes to relaxation, trust, and psychological stability…” (Medical News Today). Did you catch that? Relationships help us to relax, and when we are less stressed we can actually accomplish more!

Could you use a little more peace and relaxation in your life? Try spending a little more time with the people in your life that matter. And as you are crushing your goals on your way to greatness, take time to celebrate with the ones you love, because in the end, it’s no fun to win alone.