Motherhood- what they don’t tell you

Motherhood- what they don’t tell you

The Unspoken Challenges of Motherhood

Motherhood – often painted as a divine journey of boundless love. While this portrayal isn’t inaccurate, it scarcely skims the surface, leaving the underlying depths unexposed until one delves into the experience.

As a result, when you take your first steps down this path, it’s easy to envision a pristine landscape dominated by nurturing babbles, endless snuggles, and uninterrupted slumber because „newborns just sleep, don’t they? As for toddlers, they’re consistently well-behaved cherubs who end every utterance with obedient affirmations, aren’t they?

The reality couldn’t be further from these naive assumptions. Life as a mother often involves battling all-encompassing fatigue that reaches into the marrow of your bones. There’s little respite from the demands of young ones tugging at your attention or the continuous noise of crying, whining, and squabbling. The perpetual mess presents its own set of challenges, especially for the cleanliness-oriented. Prepare to either relinquish your obsession with order or face increased stress trying to maintain it amid the chaos.

It’s hardly surprising then when by sunrise, moms worldwide are hanging on by a thread. A mere ten minutes can drain one both emotionally and physically in this role. In such a state, the expectation to be a reservoir of kindness and empathy for our kin can feel like an insurmountable task.


The bitter sting of disappointment strikes when the echoes of assumed motherhood clash against the clamorous reality of daily caregiving. The long-awaited moment of rest at night reveals itself to be a patchwork of fitful sleep sessions. Rising from these sparse respites to face another day often feels like a Sisyphean ordeal.

Rest assured, you’re not alone.

As mothers, we leap headfirst into an overwhelmingly critical role with scarcely any preparation. The mandate isn’t merely to survive but to flourish, all while healing from both mental and physical postnatal trauma and grappling with an altered existence.

Having feelings of frustration and defeat doesn’t render you an incapable mother or flawed individual. Your role is incredibly challenging, and you’re likely doing far more proficiently than you perceive. Exercise leniency with yourself and remember that divine wisdom ordained YOU to mother your child before birth itself.

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