How We Do Business Differently:

We are so excited that you are here. At New Vision Counseling you are way more than just a number. You will quickly discover that we care deeply about getting to know the real you. And we don’t just sit on the couch and listen to your problems. We jump into your story with you. Through this amazing process called counseling, we will champion the person God created you to be.  And we won’t just talk about your goals, we will help you achieve them.

Marriage Counseling:

Can We Help

We are are so glad you’re here and applaud your courage for reaching out for help. Your marriage likely started at the altar with so many hopes and dreams.  But over time these have slowly faded and have progressively been replaced. You loved how he was laid back before marriage, but now he’s lazy and won’t help with the kids.  You loved how organized and directive she was before marriage, but now you feel like she controls every aspect of your life. The love you shared and the amazing marriage you envisioned has been overshadowed with discontentment, harsh words, and contempt.  For you, adultery may have robbed the trust and vitality out of your relationship and its currently on life support. You may be wondering if its time to pull the plug. You ask yourself these questions: “Is this marriage really worth the fight?” “Wouldn’t it be easier to divorce and cut ties and start over with someone new?” “Can counseling really help my marriage?”

The great news is Yes!   You have a 100% chance of getting help and creating an amazing marriage.  The best marriages don’t grow from lack of adversity; they learn how to conquer them.  No matter where you marriage is today; you have a God that is for you and will equip you with every resource to succeed.  Take heart, there is hope if you are willing to push through the trials to create a strong and loving marriage.

Marriage counseling is one of the most powerful steps you can take to transform your relationship.  Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for decades, it can help break patterns that create destruction.  

How We Help

At New Vision marriage counseling is what we do best!  We use cutting edge techniques that are guided by Biblical principles.  We challenge the status quo and will help take your marriage to the next level.   We have helped thousands of couples through seemingly impossible conflicts and trials.  Many couples start with us as a “last resort”, believing their relationship is too far gone.  To their surprise, after only a few sessions we see the flames of love begin to flicker and hope appears again.  

We are committed to confronting the problems that are destroying your connection and openly resolving them through powerful techniques and effective home assignments.  We are confident that God still has a plan for your relationship and want to walk with you through this process to achieve it.

You may still be saying “You don’t know what has happened.  There is no hope for us.” We may not know but God does. We serve a God of reconciliation, so if there is a way we will help you find it.  If you and your spouse are willing to step outside your comfort zone and commit to new levels of effort with the help of God and us, then the sky’s the limit!  Are you ready? Click the box to schedule a session now.

What is marriage counseling like?  

We provide a safe zone where healing and love can flourish as we walk with you through life’s biggest trials.   We don’t believe in just sitting in a chair watching you argue back and forth as your life falls apart. No way!  We jump into your story with you. As your guide we journey alongside you as you heal from long-term wounds, develop new styles of communication and rediscover intimacy as romance is resurrected.  We help you get you excited about each other again! When you do the work of counseling with us you will never be the same again.

Call or email us to today.  After all, this is your marriage, your vows, your lifetime commitment.  It’s worth every effort to make it last and make it memorable! We will be honored to help you reach your goals!  Are you still reading this? You are so worth it so stop reading and contact us so we can begin the process of transforming your marriage and your life today!

Self Esteem:

Do you find yourself falling victim to the voice in your head that whispers, “You’re not good enough?”  That lying notion that screams, “You are worthless” or “You are alone”. Or maybe you obsess over something you said and worry if someone is mad or hurt by you.   No matter how confident or strong we are, the human side of us still questions our worth or compares ourselves to others far too often. Perhaps it’s because someone did something awful to you as a child.  Or maybe you were held to impossible standards for most of your life. Or maybe you’re a people pleaser who constantly worries so much about how others see you that it consumes your life. Whatever the driving force behind your low self-esteem, you want to break free from the prison you feel trapped in.  It is important to regain (or find for the first time) your identity of worthiness and belonging in Christ. Then, we become free to live the truly authentic and fulfilling lives that God intended for us to live.

Each of these questions has likely highlighted the reality that you are experiencing low self-esteem.  I know that you are reading this because you want to change. You want to believe that transformation is possible and are likely just not sure where to begin.  Or maybe you’re wondering if change is possible for you. The great new is that at New Vision Counseling you have a 100% chance to succeed. And by you seeking help you have already shown courage by taking a big first step to changing your life.  It’s scary and painful to admit that you don’t feel valued or worthy. The great news is that there is hope available for you today.

At New Vision Counseling we help you discover the real you that God created.  We aren’t the type to sit on the couch and watch you suffer. No way! We jump into your story with you with you.  When you contact us you will soon discover that we see you as more than just a client. We believe that you are a valued child of God and we are passionate about helping you truly believe that for yourself.

How we Help

We help you uncover the areas of your life where you’re living out of lies.  Areas where your negative experiences and the opinions of others define you. We walk with you through the process of uncovering the origins of these lies.  The lies that say other people matter more than you. That people don’t have time for you. That you are a nuisance. That if they knew who you really were no one would like you.   

As we uncover these lies we are simultaneously wiring in a new identity.  An identity that is secure in God and bigger then your experiences or the way others treat you.  You will learn to believe and feel valued even when others are upset or when you make mistakes.

During this journey, you will never be alone as long as you continue inviting us into your story.  When you contact us you will realize that you don’t have to live another day like this! You were created in love to live loved by a God of love.  And today is the first day of your journey towards the better life you always hoped was possible. Click the button to start your journey today! Now serving clients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon and around the World.


Premarital Counseling:

Premarital Counseling

Few things in life are more exciting than your recent or upcoming engagement! But did you know that statistically, 50% of today’s marriages will end in divorce? Sadly, its true that one out of every two couples in America will suffer the heartache of divorce. But here at New Vision Counseling, we have Great news. With our help you don’t have to be a statistic!  

When embarking on the most incredible journey of your life, we want to make sure you are not only excited, but also prepared!  Take a break from the wedding planning for a little marriage planning! Premarital counseling is a powerful way to begin understanding each other beyond just dating, but as future spouses.  The way we counsel is designed to help you explore questions you’ve not yet asked and expose landmines that destroy many marriages. In the journey we equip you with resources and skills to build your dream marriage.  A marriage where you can enjoy love for a lifetime!

While we understand that you are busy with wedding planning, honeymoon arrangements, and everything it takes to create your magical day, we hope you do not neglect one of the most important parts of a successful marriage: preparation.

Did you know that couples who participate in premarital counseling are 31% less likely to end in divorce? We want to prepare you with all the necessary tools you will need to create a healthy foundation that you can build a lifetime of love and intimacy on.

How We Help

At New Vision Counseling we are certified in one of the world’s most effective and exciting pre-marriage assessments:  SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts). We are trained in helping you reach deeper levels of connection and developing safeguards so your marriage will go the distance.  We specialize in pairing spiritual strategies with cutting-edge counseling techniques to help your forge an unbreakable union.

In your premarital sessions, we don’t just talk and listen.  We walk with you through the most important issues you will face, including:

  • The significant differences between male and female brain
  • Healthy communication and conflict resolution
  • Not letting “In-laws” become “Out-Laws”
  • How to keep the romance alive
  • Keys to remaining best friends  
  • Enjoying sex even after the honeymoon is over
  • And so much more!

At New Vision Counseling we want to join you during this exciting time as you prepare to say, “I do!” We want to facilitate important conversations and help you identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. Nothing can prepare you for every challenge down the road, but identifying potential pitfalls now can make the difference in how you handle those challenges.

What an amazing gift it would be to your future spouse to start premarital counseling sessions today and point your marriage in the right direction.   And there’s more great news. This type of counseling is fun! When God is calling you together it really is a blast. Imagine week after week letting us plan your dates and what to talk about.  All the while creating the kind of marriage you both want and get to be a part of for life. What could be more exciting than that? We are ready to join you on this journey and only need an invitation!  Give us a call today! This is one investment that has a 100% chance of an amazing return. Proudly serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, mustang and surrounding areas.

Parenting Support

I know you’re not reading this because you have parenting all figured out.  You are likely feeling inadequate and overwhelmed by the demands and struggles you are facing.  What happened to the amazing dream you had of what it was going to be like to be a parent? Well, simply put, your child was born and life moved from the movie theater (where life went from challenging to amazing in 120 minutes) to your house.  

Proverbs chapter 22 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.  Excellent advice! Now, if only God had included an instruction manual for exactly how to train each unique child in the way they should go.   Many of us find ourselves feeling lost and worried that any wrong decision we make today might negatively affect our children for a lifetime. Therefore, support and education are priceless resources, whether you’re a brand-new parent, a single mom, or a father to a sarcastic teen we all need help.

At New Vision Counseling we provide you with parenting support strategies for maintaining balance and your sanity (at least most of it).  We become your sounding-board where you’ll learn that you are absolutely not alone! You will learn ways to create a mission and an environment for your family that naturally grows connection, communication, Godliness and most importantly love.  From vision statements to daily discipline, we will provide you with the direction and encouragement you have been longing for.

Most of us at New Vision are parents and can relate to how real the struggle is!  We’d love to share our experience and teach you the strategies that will affect change in your family.  We are trained in the areas of:

  • Trauma
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Discipline Concerns
  • Behavior Modification
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Bullying
  • OCD
  • Business Consulting & Coaching
  • And so many more!

Call today to schedule an appointment and start the process of what better looks like for you.  Don’t let another day pass before taking this next step. You and your family are so worth the effort and investment.  What you invest in your children today you both will reap a harvest over this life and the next. We can’t wait to meet you and discover together the amazing ways God wants to transform your family.  Just imagine how amazing your family can be with this kind of help. It takes a village and we are excited for you to invite us to be a part of yours!

Stress Management

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the demands of life?  Do you start out the day with great plans but end up just trying to survive.  Are you struggling to get out of bed because life has just become too much? For you, the chronic stress has caused high blood pressure, chest pains, and affected your relationships.  

If there is one thing we can all relate to, it’s the struggle of stress!  The day-to-day challenges of our demanding lives take a toll on our thoughts, our relationships, our sleep and our health.  Its vital that we learn and practice skills and habits that will keep our tension under control. Otherwise, the quality of our life and the clarity of our mind will suffer.  I know that you’re reading this because you want help. The stress of your job, relationships or finances have become too much and you know its time for a change. I have great news.  We CAN help!

How We Help

For over two decades New Vision Counseling has been helping people in Oklahoma City and Edmond regain control of their health and life again.  We are experts in helping you identify the areas in you life that are causing you pain and then giving you the tools to effectively cope with them.   We don’t just listen and give you quick solutions. We get off the couch and guide you through the process.

We help you identify the people and the triggers in your environment that create the stress.  We teach you healthy boundaries and train you to grow stronger in setting them in healthy places.  We resource you with coping skills that really work.

We are experts in helping you cope with stress and have years of experience in cognitive behavioral strategies for relieving anxiety and discovering the roots of it.  We use comprehensive assessments and evidence-based techniques to heal unresolved triggers for stress while teaching you new coping skills. We help you let go of the fear and the pressure that is robbing you of peace and healthy relationships.

We are passionate about helping you create the best life God has for you.  Just imagine how great life will be when you can give your best effort without suffering from deadly pressures of stress.   We will help you create a healthy work rhythm and infuse joy and life back into your relationships with family and friends. Click the button and lets start your journey towards better today.  


Anxiety is that loud voice in your head that screams “You’re losing control!” “You’re not safe!” “People don’t like you!” “You have to be perfect!”.  Its that swirling of “What ifs” circling in your head and the tightening of your chest. Even when every logical bone in your body knows that everything is okay, anxiety won’t let you believe it.  It hijacks your thoughts, your productivity and your inner peace. And if left unchecked long enough it can ruin your health, relationships and your life.

At New Vision Counseling we help clients overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety every day.  As you read this know that you are not alone and have reason to believe that we can help you break free of anxiety.  

How we Help

We will help you explore and discover the underlying causes of your anxious thoughts and fearful behaviors.  We help you develop new strategies for calming your nerves and quieting your mind. We don’t do this sitting on a couch while you have an anxiety attack.  No way! We jump into your story with you and help you resolve inner conflict, disarm triggers and strengthen your confidence. Together we process and practice ways to feel more comfortable around people and in the world.  You will learn to eliminate irrational, terrifying thoughts and begin to live in the present moment.

New Vision has a team of therapists with a wide range of experience working with anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors (OCD).  We can help you overcome your fears and take healthy risks to live an amazing life. Through evidence-based techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) along with prayer we help you break free from the prison of anxiety.  

Anxiety can also be the voice that tells you not to call us because it’s too uncomfortable or terrifying.  We understand and encourage you to simply take one step: Call or email us and we will guide you through the rest.  You are so worth the effort and the risk so in 3 seconds stop reading this and click the button to contact us today.  We can’t wait to meet you in person and begin helping you live in God’s peace and freedom!


If you are reading this then something tragic has happened in you life.  You have likely suffered and felt alone and isolated in so many ways. Trauma can leave you feeling powerless and wondering how you could ever regain a sense of safety and control again.  There is no doubt you were robbed as something very dear was taken away against your will.

As you read this you are likely feeling alone and wondering if we can really help.  You may be experiencing a sense of shame and a strong need to remain silent. This shame is so powerful it can deceive you into suffering in silence for the rest of your life…if you let it.  But that’s not what you’re going to do. No way! You are here because you want help and the GREAT news is we can help you. Let’s start by affirming that you are not alone in your trauma.

Research indicates that approximately 70 percent of Americans have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime.  Trauma can range from mild to severe and have a multitude of negative effects on our lives. Psychological trauma can originate from childhood abuse, neglect, unhealthy relationships, bullying, car accidents, injuries, sexual abuse, home invasions, witnessing scary events or thousands of other experiences that we may encounter throughout our complex lives.  

If left unresolved, trauma can lead to shame, anxiety, or depression.  You wonder if you will ever be able to love, trust, and be happy again.  How can you move forward in a relationship when something like intimacy is a trigger that spirals you into an anxiety attack?

How We Help

Having the courage to begin therapy is the first step to a better tomorrow.  Therapy is one of the most powerful remedies for healing the negative effects of trauma.  Sharing your story within the safety of the counseling office with your trusted therapist is a big step towards freedom.  Our trauma-informed therapists have a gift for validating your feelings and guiding you through the healing process. No one but God can take away the pain but we will walk with you through it until we get to the other side.

At New Vision Counseling we have several therapists who specialize in treating trauma.  We use cutting-edge techniques like Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to resolve past or recent trauma and set you free to live in the present moment.  Our clinicians are trauma-informed and client-centered in their practice. We use unconditional positive regard to foster a judgment-free, caring environment where it is truly safe to share your story.

We would love to help you break the chains of a traumatic past.  We know that healing trauma requires tremendous courage and tenacity.  And we know how hard it can be to take the next step. That’s why all we ask is that you reach out to us today so that together we can begin your journey to healing and freedom.  Click the button to schedule your first session. It’s time to let go and move forward and we are here to show you the way.


Do you feel overwhelmed by a lack of energy or chronic sadness? Do you feel hopeless, helpless, alone, or simply numb? If so, you may be suffering from depression. In fact, some 15 million Americans struggle with depression or some related conditions.  But we have great news! Depression is highly treatable, and here at New Vision we believe we can help.

Depression is a thief. It steals your energy, your joy, and your ability to fully engage in your life. It steals meaningful relationships with your family and friends. For some, it may even steal your very life. That’s where we come in.

How We Help

At New Vision, we are committed to seeing you overcome this dark state of mind.  We combine the best evidence-based treatments alongside the truth from God’s Word to create a treatment plan designed specifically to set you free.  We are dedicated to helping you find real solutions that bring lasting results. And when you invite us into your story we won’t just sit on the couch and watch you suffer in sadness.  No way! We will jump into your story with you. When you counsel with us you will no longer be alone.

If depression is slowing you down or has brought your life to a complete halt, take a brave step toward a brighter tomorrow.  Contact us today. You deserve a life filled with energy, confidence, and hope. And we believe its as close as a phone call away.  Are you having trouble taking that next step, then email us and we will call you. Either way, we look forward to taking this journey towards your freedom together.

Raising Teenagers

Help!  This is likely where you are at if you have one or more teenagers running your house…I mean running around your house.  You have listened to every parenting podcast and read every book and yet the struggle goes on. All your friends tell you this season will pass.  All you hear is blah, blah, blah because you need real help and you don’t know what to try next.

Perhaps your are stuck reminiscing in the past.  You remember parenting a toddler and thought that was difficult.  They stumbled around the kitchen, knocking over the dog’s water bowl and dragging out the canned foods for the 17th time that week.  They embarrassed you in the grocery store and drew a masterpiece on the living room wall in the most artistic shades of permanent marker.  After chasing them up and down the hallway for what seemed like decades, they finally made it to adolescence! And now you are shell shocked because you thought that in the teenage years you could sit back and enjoy all your hard work as they coast into adulthood. Unfortunately, that’s not what is happening.  

You want God’s best for your teenager and are at a loss of how to help them in this social media crazed world where everything including gravity is being questioned.  Can you relate to any of the following?

  • The school has called again to let you know that your child is acting out in class and has just been suspended.  
  • A friend calls and says their daughter confessed that your son was sending inappropriate pictures to her.
  • You see your daughter scrolling through her facebook and instagram feeds comparing herself and her life to perfect images on the screen.
  • You see your daughter struggling with low self-esteem and depression and feel powerless to help her.
  • You walk on eggshells because holding them accountable and even small requests send them into a rage of out of control emotions.

At this point you can feel desperate and all alone.  There are few things in life more excruciating than watching your child struggle and feeling powerless to help them.  Through this season of your parenting journey, you will discover amazing comfort and encouragement at New Vision Counseling.  When you invite us into your story you will no longer be alone. We will remind you that you are not who your teenager says you are.  We will remind you that life is full of seasons and encourage you with guidance and practical strategies. And we won’t just listen to your struggles, we will jump into them with you.

How We Help

We will teach you techniques for communicating and setting boundaries with your teen, while processing fears and frustrations along the way.  Professional support and a non-judgmental ear can be a breath of fresh air when you’re battling the uncertainties of parenting teenagers

We are experts in CBT (Cognitive behavioral Therapy) and other strategies that are proven to work.  We are great at connecting with young people and helping them feel valued and heard. We understand developmental phases, relationships, resistance, and transition. We specialize in

  • Enhancing communication
  • Setting boundaries
  • Forming connections
  • Resolving conflict
  • Encouraging growth and intimacy
  • Healing trauma

We know that the current climate in schools and social media does not make life easy on our beloved teenagers.  We’d love to help your family navigate this challenging phase of your journey. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started on the unique goals you have for your family.  We can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!

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