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We are so excited that you are here. At New Vision Counseling you are way more than just a number. You will quickly discover that we care deeply about getting to know the real you. And we don’t just sit on the couch and listen to your problems. We jump into your story with you. Through this amazing process called counseling, we will champion the person God created you to be.  And we won’t just talk about your goals, we will help you achieve them.

Can We Help

We are are so glad you’re here and applaud your courage for reaching out for help. Your marriage likely started at the altar with so many hopes and dreams.  But over time these have slowly faded and have progressively been replaced. You loved how he was laid back before marriage, but now he’s lazy and won’t help with the kids.  You loved how organized and directive she was before marriage, but now you feel like she controls every aspect of your life. The love you shared and the amazing marriage you envisioned has been overshadowed with discontentment, harsh words, and contempt.  For you, adultery may have robbed the trust and vitality out of your relationship and its currently on life support. You may be wondering if its time to pull the plug. You ask yourself these questions: “Is this marriage really worth the fight?” “Wouldn’t it be easier to divorce and cut ties and start over with someone new?” “Can counseling really help my marriage?”

The great news is Yes!   You have a 100% chance of getting help and creating an amazing marriage.  The best marriages don’t grow from lack of adversity; they learn how to conquer them.  No matter where you marriage is today; you have a God that is for you and will equip you with every resource to succeed.  Take heart, there is hope if you are willing to push through the trials to create a strong and loving marriage.

Marriage counseling is one of the most powerful steps you can take to transform your relationship.  Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for decades, it can help break patterns that create destruction.  

How We Help

At New Vision marriage counseling is what we do best!  We use cutting edge techniques that are guided by Biblical principles.  We challenge the status quo and will help take your marriage to the next level.   We have helped thousands of couples through seemingly impossible conflicts and trials.  Many couples start with us as a “last resort”, believing their relationship is too far gone.  To their surprise, after only a few sessions we see the flames of love begin to flicker and hope appears again.  

We are committed to confronting the problems that are destroying your connection and openly resolving them through powerful techniques and effective home assignments.  We are confident that God still has a plan for your relationship and want to walk with you through this process to achieve it.

You may still be saying “You don’t know what has happened.  There is no hope for us.” We may not know but God does. We serve a God of reconciliation, so if there is a way we will help you find it.  If you and your spouse are willing to step outside your comfort zone and commit to new levels of effort with the help of God and us, then the sky’s the limit!  Are you ready? Click the box to schedule a session now.

What is marriage counseling like?

We provide a safe zone where healing and love can flourish as we walk with you through life’s biggest trials.   We don’t believe in just sitting in a chair watching you argue back and forth as your life falls apart. No way!  We jump into your story with you. As your guide we journey alongside you as you heal from long-term wounds, develop new styles of communication and rediscover intimacy as romance is resurrected.  We help you get you excited about each other again! When you do the work of counseling with us you will never be the same again.

Call or email us to today.  After all, this is your marriage, your vows, your lifetime commitment.  It’s worth every effort to make it last and make it memorable! We will be honored to help you reach your goals!  Are you still reading this? You are so worth it so stop reading and contact us so we can begin the process of transforming your marriage and your life today!

Self Esteem:

Do you find yourself falling victim to the voice in your head that whispers, “You’re not good enough?”  That lying notion that screams, “You are worthless” or “You are alone”. Or maybe you obsess over something you said and worry if someone is mad or hurt by you.   No matter how confident or strong we are, the human side of us still questions our worth or compares ourselves to others far too often. Perhaps it’s because someone did something awful to you as a child.  Or maybe you were held to impossible standards for most of your life. Or maybe you’re a people pleaser who constantly worries so much about how others see you that it consumes your life. Whatever the driving force behind your low self-esteem, you want to break free from the prison you feel trapped in.  It is important to regain (or find for the first time) your identity of worthiness and belonging in Christ. Then, we become free to live the truly authentic and fulfilling lives that God intended for us to live.

Each of these questions has likely highlighted the reality that you are experiencing low self-esteem.  I know that you are reading this because you want to change. You want to believe that transformation is possible and are likely just not sure where to begin.  Or maybe you’re wondering if change is possible for you. The great new is that at New Vision Counseling you have a 100% chance to succeed. And by you seeking help you have already shown courage by taking a big first step to changing your life.  It’s scary and painful to admit that you don’t feel valued or worthy. The great news is that there is hope available for you today.

At New Vision Counseling we help you discover the real you that God created.  We aren’t the type to sit on the couch and watch you suffer. No way! We jump into your story with you with you.  When you contact us you will soon discover that we see you as more than just a client. We believe that you are a valued child of God and we are passionate about helping you truly believe that for yourself.

How we Help

We help you uncover the areas of your life where you’re living out of lies.  Areas where your negative experiences and the opinions of others define you. We walk with you through the process of uncovering the origins of these lies.  The lies that say other people matter more than you. That people don’t have time for you. That you are a nuisance. That if they knew who you really were no one would like you.   

As we uncover these lies we are simultaneously wiring in a new identity.  An identity that is secure in God and bigger then your experiences or the way others treat you.  You will learn to believe and feel valued even when others are upset or when you make mistakes.

During this journey, you will never be alone as long as you continue inviting us into your story.  When you contact us you will realize that you don’t have to live another day like this! You were created in love to live loved by a God of love.  And today is the first day of your journey towards the better life you always hoped was possible. Click the button to start your journey today! Now serving clients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon and around the World.

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