Stress Management

Stress Management

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the demands of life? Do you start out the day with great plans but end up just trying to survive. Are you struggling to get out of bed because life has just become too much? For you, the chronic stress has caused high blood pressure, chest pains, and affected your relationships.

If there is one thing we can all relate to, it’s the struggle of stress! The day-to-day challenges of our demanding lives take a toll on our thoughts, our relationships, our sleep and our health. Its vital that we learn and practice skills and habits that will keep our tension under control. Otherwise, the quality of our life and the clarity of our mind will suffer. I know that you’re reading this because you want help. The stress of your job, relationships or finances have become too much and you know its time for a change. I have great news. We CAN help!

How We Help

For over two decades New Vision Counseling has been helping people in Oklahoma City and Edmond regain control of their health and life again. We are experts in helping you identify the areas in you life that are causing you pain and then giving you the tools to effectively cope with them. We don’t just listen and give you quick solutions. We get off the couch and guide you through the process.

We help you identify the people and the triggers in your environment that create the stress. We teach you healthy boundaries and train you to grow stronger in setting them in healthy places. We resource you with coping skills that really work.

We are experts in helping you cope with stress and have years of experience in cognitive behavioral strategies for relieving anxiety and discovering the roots of it. We use comprehensive assessments and evidence-based counseling techniques to heal unresolved triggers for stress while teaching you new coping skills. We help you let go of the fear and the pressure that is robbing you of peace and healthy relationships.

We are passionate about helping you create the best life God has for you. Just imagine how great life will be when you can give your best effort without suffering from deadly pressures of stress. We will help you create a healthy work rhythm and infuse joy and life back into your relationships with family and friends. Click the button and lets start your journey towards better today. Proudly serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, as well as the Greater OKC Metro areas!

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