What it Takes to Gain Freedom in Your Thoughts

What it Takes to Gain Freedom in Your Thoughts

My wife and I recently spoke about the difficulties of pervasive thoughts. Currently she is pregnant and many thoughts of anxiety in nature have caused her to doubt what she knows to be true. However, there are times when we have received a negative report that seems to validate the fear that allows anxiety to come in. If you are anything like me, you are longing to have freedom from pervasive thoughts and best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City. I have worked hard predominately with negative thoughts of rage in my past. I have found ways to break the patterns that leave me feeling hopeless and helpless. Personally, this has only been possible with the Spirit of God that has pushed out all fear. This is hard work and anyone that tells you it is so easy just not to think about negative pervasive thoughts has either encountered a gracious miracle or is not being honest with you. Paul constantly notes the importance of guarding our thoughts. Jesus tells us not to worry.

Here are some ways that my wife and I help each other get out from the pervasive thoughts. We first ask if it is a valid thought. Something can seem so real in our thoughts, but when we speak the fear out loud it can seem really different best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City. (I use fear concerning pervasive thoughts because most pervasive thoughts are rooted in negative emotions. Neuroscience identifies two basic emotions as fear and love; fear-based emotions show up as toxic, negative thoughts in our nervous systems.) We try to speak out the negative thoughts to each other. It sounds something like this:

I keep having this thought “pop up” in my mind that something is going to go wrong when we drive to the store.

As we have, and continue to work as a team, we know that the statement is said to help the other out. Just speaking the thought out loud can take the power away from a pervasive thought. However, there are times that thoughts can be validated by the world around us the best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City. Being firmly rooted in the Word of God has been essential for our marriage and family. There have been times that I have thought of horrific thoughts and it flashed into my mind in a split second. The more I think about the thought the more I experience the fear-based emotions. I may even see a story pop up on a banner and it validates what I thought. 

So it must be true if I had a thought about something negative and then I see it, hear it somewhere else, right? 

Absolutely not! These pervasive thoughts that “pop” into are mind are not necessarily our own thoughts. These can be the best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City considered intrusive thoughts. Whether on a computer or in your mind, pop-ups are annoying and can lead to destruction. One of the greatest tools that has helped me overcome rage and anxiety is to realize that not all thoughts that run through my mind are my own. I utilize a Christian perspective that identifies a greater depth to life then the simple five senses. If a thought pops up into my mind that does not seem to be good, and seems to come out of nowhere, I tend to think this is not from God and this is not my heart towards others. My wife and I may actually say, “No, that is not my thought!” out loud and think of something that is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy (NIV Phil. 4:8). The verse goes on to say to think on such things.  

If you know that there is a Thief that comes to steal kill and destroy (John 10:10), then find out how this Thief does his bidding best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City. If Fear leaves you feeling less life, then you have had an encounter with the enemy at some level. 

This leads to the next awareness. My wife and I experienced a lot of breakthrough in our thoughts, blocking these pervasive images and words coming against our mind, when we learned the power of an agreement. In the business world if someone make an agreement is generally binding by a contract. The contract allows one party access or connection to the other party’s resources or services. In a similar way this is also done at a spiritual level. In Genesis 1:26 and 27 God decides to make humanity in His own image and likeness. He created them male and female. Satan through the serpent challenges Eves identity in Genesis 3:5 telling to become like God she would need to take the fruit and to some extent that God was holding out on her and Adam. This was a direct assault on the truth of how God created Eve best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City.  When offers come into our minds we have the opportunity to agree with God or to agree with a lie. Oftentimes we agree with lies concerning our identity. A lie may come up as simple as, “That doesn’t look good,” as we stare into the mirror. Other offers to agreements outside of God’s truths for our lives may be bolder. These can often be identified with ultimatum words like always and never. The more that we pay attention to the internal dialog in our thoughts the more we can take every thought captive and submitting it to the truth of Christ. 

As you take charge over pervasive thoughts you may find it easier to categorize the kinds of thoughts that you have experienced over a day or a week. My wife and I have found tremendous success in our own relationship by identifying these categories of valid thoughts, intrusive thoughts and agreements. When we identify these thoughts and speak them out loud as a petty attack against our thoughts, or agreements offered, we find more freedom from pervasive thoughts best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City. 

I hope this has given you a glimpse into the reality of our lives as counselors utilizing practical techniques to find victory and freedom within our minds. This is the best way to stop a divorce Oklahoma City.

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